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motrex 01 July 2022

Sitestats is a website that specializes in website analysis in a very professional and easy way.
Voorly's team created Sitestats website to meet the needs of the community. Sitestats provides many great features, including seeing statistics at realtime. And many great features, here are some of the feature:

See a detailed report of your website traffic in real time.
Get a comprehensive overview of your website statistics.
Analyze what pages perform the best on your website.
Learn through which traffic channels you acquire your visitors.
Find out where your visitors are from, down to the city level.
Know the devices and software your visitors are using.
Create custom events and track their conversions.
Export all your website's statistics in CSV format.

How to use
Create an account in and then click on a +New website

Now put the domain name of your website in the URL field

Now there will be 3 privacy boxes "Private, Public,Password" Through it, you can specify if everyone wants to see your site statistics or only you can see them, or you can put a Password and give it to your friends just to see the statistics

Now you can click on Email to get automatic reports. I will explain to you what Exclude IPs are, Through this box, you can put an IP for any person or network, and when this person enters your website, you will not receive any statistics from him. Exclude URL query parameters, Through this feature, you can block some pages on your website, for example, block the home page. When a person enters this page, he will not be counted as having entered it, and the statistics of this page will not appear to you. Exclude bots Any bot that enters your website will not be counted

And finally, copy the code and put it on your website as shown, and then click on Save

And now, congratulations. You can now see your website statistics. Also, you can use Badr in many sites such as Wix, WordPress, and any similar platform

-Frequently Asked Questions
How to use the site and link it with my website?
Using the site is very easy. First, log in and then you must have a website on any of the platforms. Then click on a new website, add your site data, copy the code and put it on your site. You can search in YouTube. There are videos explaining.

Is the site completely free or are there subscriptions?
The site is completely free, you can use all the features for free.

How long does it take to see my site stats?
Less than a second. Only when you connect the site with, you can see your site statistics in seconds

Will it affect my website?
It will never affect your site, it is just a very light one-line code

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